AlpaKak Organic Fertilizer 750 grams


Aantal stuks

AlpaKak = Good shit!

Do you give your plants the very best? Then read on! Alpacas Guus, Joop, Ted, Freek & Bloem from Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel produce incredibly good manure! 100% natural, without additions of chemicals or additives, 100% organic! It is not without reason that the manure of these animals is also called Alpaca Gold.

Organic fertilizer vs chemical fertilizer

A difference between organic fertilizer and artificial fertilizer is mainly the concentration of the nutrients in the fertilizer. Artificial fertilizer is very concentrated and contains a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compared to organic fertilizer. Fertilizer is quickly soluble, so the nutritional elements are released after a short time. The problem is that these nutrients are not always available to the plant in the right proportions and 'forced' uptake takes place. The result is uncontrolled growth. The plant grows too quickly and is therefore more susceptible to diseases and pests. In addition, fertilizers consist of salts. Fungi in the soil cannot withstand salts well, are affected and can do their job less well in the soil and the soil can then not provide optimal nutrition to the roots. When used in sunny weather, the plants and grass can also burn due to the salts present.

Organic fertilizers consist only of animal or vegetable raw materials that can be found in nature. This manure is therefore completely biodegradable. Organic fertilizers are converted by soil life into absorbable nutrients for the plant. The big difference with artificial fertilizer is that 100% organic fertilizer nourishes the soil and therefore the plant. An essential difference. Organic fertilizers work less quickly, but due to the slow release of nutrients, they ensure a fertile soil for a long time. Organic fertilizers are a sustainable choice for anyone who likes to take the environment into account. Building healthy soil is the key to successful organic gardening! And that is possible with AlpaKak!

AlpaKak: 100% organic fertilizer

Alpaca manure is therefore considered a rich soil improver. Small amounts are sufficient for a good nutrient supply of plants and vegetables. Our air-dried and finely ground fertilizer has a very low odor and is therefore suitable for use on the balcony, terrace and even in the house, but of course also in the ornamental and vegetable garden! The fertilizer does not contain seeds due to the extremely efficient digestive system of the alpacas. The manure comes exclusively from our own animals, is collected by hand, dried, ground and distributed in nice window bags of 750 grams.


The fertilizer works gradually and for a long time. The release depends, among other things, on the weather. In warm and humid weather, when the plant grows quickly and therefore needs more nutrition, the digestion of the fertilizer is faster. This way the plant receives valuable nutrients when it needs them. For all flowering plants, fruit, vegetables and herbs, 100-200 grams per m2 is sufficient. One tablespoon is sufficient for small house and/or potted plants, use two tablespoons for larger plants. Simply sprinkle the fertilizer around the plant, mix it with the soil and then water. Due to the gradual release of the nutritional elements, the chance of over-fertilization is extremely small, in contrast to the use of artificial fertilizer. Ideal, also for beginners! 🙂