General information about flower bulbs

When winter is at its peak, the beautiful snowdrops and crocuses announce the approaching spring. They are the first flowers in a series of bulbous plants that will give your garden cheerful colors. The tips below will help you enjoy your flower bulbs more. Location Depending on the type, you can plant flower bulbs in flower beds, borders or containers. Preferably plant bulbs that can naturalize between trees or shrubs, where they can remain and reproduce themselves. Place hyacinths and tulips in groups between the perennials. In May or June you can beautifully plant the open spaces with annual summer flowers. The ground Flower bulbs are happy with any type of soil, as long as it is well-drained. Lighten heavy soil with peat moss or mix some compost into the soil. Plants Flower bulbs that bloom in spring, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses, can be planted from mid-September to November/December. The varieties that bloom in summer or autumn, such as dahlias, cannas and lilies, go into the ground in the spring. Bulbs are not planted very deeply and this is stated on the packaging. As a rule of thumb, a planting hole depth is equal to three times the maximum diameter of the bulb. However, there are so many exceptions to the rule that it is therefore better to check carefully before planting which planting depth applies to the bulbous plant that has been purchased. You can find this information on the packaging. On the balcony Even if you don't have a garden, you can herald spring early with flower bulbs. Plant them in the containers where you put the summer flowering bulbs in May. While flower bulbs in the garden are often more beautiful in groups of one species, on a small balcony it can really come into their own to mix various species and thus enjoy an exuberant display of color on the square meter in the spring. Did you know? The months are often indicated on seed packets with Roman numerals. I = January, II = February, III = March, IV = April, V = May, VI = June, VII = July, VIII = August, IX = September, X = October, XI = November and XII = December.

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