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Christmas Business Gifts

Looking for a truly special corporate gift? Bulbs4you is committed to creating special gifts. And we combine that with our beautiful amaryllis wax bulbs! Check out our unique range of amaryllis corporate gifts here and surprise your loved one, family or friends!

Unique promotional gifts

Time for a gift! How about a chic and creative gift in the form of a beautifully wrapped amaryllis wax globe? These bulbs are very unique as they do not need water to survive! In fact, all their energy is already in the bulb. Place it in a good spot in the light to enjoy the flower as long as possible.

You can order a customized business gift from Bulbs4you, take for example a waxed amaryllis. This is available in various colors, specially wrapped in the colors of your corporate identity. We make the wax bulbs ourselves so anything is possible!

You can also have flower bulb packages customized, in consultation we determine together a color scheme, which varieties, and packaging, entirely to your liking.

Customized flower bulb packages

It is possible to have packages of flower bulbs customized according to your specific needs and desires. For example, if you are looking for flowers for a specific season. You can then create a package with flowers that bloom in that season. If you want to follow a specific color scheme, you can choose flowers that match your desired colors.

Keep in mind that custom flower bulbs usually require a little more time and effort than buying a standard package, as you have to pick specific flowers and colors and determine the right quantities. But the result will be a package that suits your exact needs and tastes!

Questions or ideas?

Do you have questions about your order or about our corporate gifts? Please feel free to contact us. We would love to think with you! Ask your question to Bulbs4you by sending an email to