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Perennials are perennial plants that die above ground during the winter. But underground, they are already preparing for spring. They have their own hibernation, so to speak. Every spring, perennials form new stems, leaves, flowers and seeds. So you can fully enjoy these versatile plants every year!

Buy perennials?

At Bulbs4you, we carefully choose the best quality perennials. You will find then only the very best varieties in our assortment. Think of the popular geranium, or the stylish and colorful echinacea. Whichever perennial you choose, you can enjoy them to the fullest every year starting in spring.

Perennial flowers

There are many varieties of perennials, but they all have in common that they have perennial flowers. Whereas summer bloomers, for example, are in full bloom for only one part of the year, perennials emerge the following year. It is the ultimate plant for those who do not have much gardening experience.

astilbe xxl mix perennials

Versatile perennials

Perennials give great garden pleasure all year round. And you can also feel free to vary with different varieties. For example, some perennials give off a nice fragrance, while others attract insects (such as summer flowers). Other perennials are very suitable as cut flowers. This makes these plants very versatile and they have multiple practical functions.

Tips for planting

Here we give you some helpful tips in advance for planting perennials:

  • First, determine the style of your garden. Are you looking for a formal garden, a wildflower garden or a zen garden? This will help make choices about what types of plants you want to use.
  • Consider the growing conditions under which your plants will grow, such as the amount of sun, shade, water and soil type. Choose plants suitable for these conditions.
  • In the season when you plant your garden, you choose the plants, which bloom during this season. This creates a beautiful and varied floral display in your garden.
  • Work with height and texture by using tall plants as the background and low plants for the foreground. This creates depth and interest in your garden.
  • Make use of color by using different colors of flowers, leaves and stems in your garden. Try to combine colors that go well together to create a harmonious look.
  • Consider the maintenance of your garden when making choices about the types of plants you want to use. Some plants require a lot of care, while others are low maintenance.

Want to know more about perennials? Feel free to ask Bulbs4you your question by emailing