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Narcissus Sale!

Daffodils (Narcissus), also called Easter flowers, are beautiful bulbs known for their striking yellow flowers and sweet fragrance. They are among the most beloved and popular spring bloomers. 

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The daffodil produces beautiful light colors and adds warmth to any garden in spring. This is why they are so popular as a flower to have in spring. At Bulbs4you you can choose from a wide range of daffodils, mainly in the colors white, yellow and orange. You simply cannot miss these spring bloomers in the garden!

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Characteristics daffodils

Here are some characteristics and interesting facts about daffodils:

  • Flower Form: Daffodils often have a trumpet-shaped flower with six petals (tepals) surrounded by a wreath of three outer petals. However, there are several varieties and hybrids, so the flower shape can vary.
  • Colors Daffodils: Although yellow is the most common color for daffodils, they also come in other shades such as white, orange, pink and even two-tone varieties.
  • Flowering time daffodils : Daffodils usually bloom in spring, depending on variety and location. They are often one of the first flowers to emerge after winter and herald the beginning of spring.
  • Fragrance daffodils: Many daffodils have a wonderful sweet fragrance, especially when planted in larger numbers and their fragrant aroma spreads.
  • Perennials: Daffodils are generally perennials and return every year if properly cared for. They often multiply through natural propagation.
  • Planting daffodils: Daffodils are usually planted in the fall, like other flower bulbs, so they have plenty of time to develop roots before flowering begins in the spring.


Frequently asked questions about the narcissus

When to plant daffodils?

The best time to put daffodils in the ground is between September and December, before the first frost. This will give the roots enough growing time and you will be assured of beautiful colors in spring.

When do daffodils bloom?

Spring only begins when daffodils bloom. They often come out as one of the first spring blooms, from February through May approximately. Of course, this depends on location and conditions.

What to do with spent daffodils?

To ensure that the Narcissus can continue to bloom next year, leave the foliage in the ground unless it has turned yellow. Then it is time to take it out. Basically, daffodils should be able to bloom again next year, provided they are properly cared for!

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