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Spring Flowers Sale!

Spring bloomers give your garden the spring color and warmth you need after winter. Plant the bulbs for these spring flowers before frost in the fall, usually in the months between September and December.

Buy spring bloomers?

You want a beautiful garden as early in the year as possible to get back in the mood. So our spring bloomers are a nice reward for all the effort in the fall! Choose from a unique assortment of beautiful flowers, both of pure Dutch nature to exotic origins. Consider, for example, the tulip (tulipa), a plant for which the Netherlands is truly famous. Choose your favorite!

Plant them before frost

Spring bloomers need the frost period to develop into their bulb below ground. Therefore, it is wise to plant them in the fall, well before the first frost period arrives. During the winter, it is best to take good care of them with plenty of water. Then you can be sure to enjoy your new spring flowers in the spring!

Spring blooms bring cheer, colors and fragrances

Start the new spring off right with our spring bloomers! Spring is the perfect time to forget about that nasty winter depression. As the light gets longer outside again and temperatures rise, spring flower bulbs germinate and emerge. The result? Lots of colors and fragrances in your garden or balcony. Enjoy our unique spring flowering bulbs like the tulip, hyacinth, crocus and white grapes.

Want to know more about spring flowers? Feel free to ask Bulbs4you your question by emailing

As soon as the season for spring flowers begins, we will of course adjust our assortment accordingly.